Around the world in 80 days. 18 days, actually!

Germany, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Algeria!  Around the world in 80 days. Actually 18 days. Travel, exotic locations, and some really incredible cuisine. From the canals of Venice Italy, to the Sahara Desert, to hitching helicopter rides and landing on off-shore oil rigs in the middle of the Adriatic Sea. This adventure was a bit reminiscent of a James Bond movie. After all, DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER does end on an exploding off-shore oil rig.

Oil Rig in Adriatic Sea - Corporate video shoot
Pit stop at an oil rig, somewhere in the Adriatic Sea.

HS was hired to produce a B2B corporate video for Ligabue S.p.A., an worldwide Italian catering and food distribution company with family roots and headquarters in Venice, Italy. The video showcases the Ligabue operation: its range and its capabilities. Ligabue provides food supplies and catering to cargo ships, container ships, ferries, off-shore oil rigs as well as oil development camps on land in Africa.  They also provide F&B management – they operate nearly 1000 restaurants worldwide on a variety of different ships and maritime vessels. This is a major operation!

Plate of Prosciutto prepared by Ligabue
Only the finest Prosciutto will do.

Ligabue is family owned. It’s a heritage brand with over 100 years of history. Locations included cities, ports and remote locales in Algeria, Austria, Italy, and Portugal. All in 3 weeks!

Steel worker in the Sahara desert. Oil camp in Algeria.
A steel worker grinding in the midday heat in the middle of the Sahara desert. Oil camp in Algeria.

Watch the finished corporate video for Ligabue.