HS traveled to Oklahoma City to help tell the story of how Great Point Partners, a private equity firm from NYC, had taken Cytovance from its small beginnings and grown the company into a prestigious, leading biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing company.The Cytovance campus is located on the the University of Oklahoma campus. The crux of the shoot was the interview with the CEO, which would serve as the narrative.  In addition, we photographed their campuses, laboratories, and R&D facilities to help support the storyline. Throw in some drone shots and call it a day!Oklahoma City was beautiful city, and kind of took me by surprise.  Gorgeous architecture everywhere - remains of a bygone rail error were evident on almost every corner. Incredible old factory warehouses just sitting, waiting to be converted. Kind people, super cool architecture, and great BBQ. A little gem. Go Sooners! Watch the corporate video here.