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We rent Super 16mm camera packages and film equipment out of our Los Angeles offices in Hollywood. (you can find our rental catalog towards the bottom of the page). At Highline, we believe in the power of film. We’ve always had an obsession with the Super 16 format. We carry the bulletproof ARRI SR3 Super 16 Advanced, along with the ultraportable Bolex Rex 5 (converted to Super 16). The Bolex is perhaps the most cost-effective ways to work Super 16mm into your next project. It’s also a great camera to learn to shoot film. We can also ship our 16mm gear to you on location anywhere in the USA.

Why shoot on film when we have 4k, 6k, 8k?

Is it not all starting to look the same? Film is expressive and powerful. There’s nothing that matches the look of film. Film has an ethereal quality to it t7at digital capture does not possess, and will never possess. Film is organic. Rent a 16mm Camera package for your next production. You won’t regret it!


Film is expensive, right?

It’s not cheap. But when you compare a Super 16mm film camera to a fully loaded ARRI Alexa package with an onset DIT, you are struck by the savings immediately. 16mm equipment is usually half the price of most modern digital camera packages. That is one of the distinct advantages of shooting on Super 16, it’s a relatively cheap film format. a

Why Super  Super 16mm over 35mm?

Ask Darren Aronofsky! No seriously though, it’s half the size and half the price! A little grainier – funkier too.

What are some films shot on Super 16?

IMDB has a great list here.

Super 16mm RENTALS

Arri SR3 with Zeiss Prime Lens


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