Architecture / Engineering / Construction

Highline Studios has produced videos for the world’s largest architectural, engineering, and construction firms. If it’s supersized infrastructure, we really get excited!

We’ve documented work and told stories about all phases of the design and build process. From concept and design, engineering and construction, to capturing finished interiors, Highline has diverse experience in the sector. Our clients include AECOM, Skanska and Tutor Perini.

Ultrawide aerial shots of buildings and skyscrapers, the rawness of an unfinished underground subway extension, the buzzing of international airport runways, illustrating the choreographed beauty of it all is our specialty. We are well-versed in covering huge projects quickly and efficiently.

During pre-production, we study the projects intensely. We are passionate about design, infrastructure and how things work. We utilize a full arsenal of tools: drones to helicopters, miniature cameras to full scale stabilized rigs, extended architectural time-lapse photography. We ensure the story will be told with the best, most creative angles. Aerial photography is key for these projects.

Finally, our signature edit, color treatment and scores lend these pieces an elevated look and feel not usually found in this type of production.

We would love to assist with your next architecture-engineering-construction video production.

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